Wednesday, November 7, 2007

P.S. (Pre sleep? Post sleep? Praying for sleep?)

Leaving later today for Portland... another house hunting visit. This time my BF is coming w/ Dex & I. I'm glad for that b/c I don't wanna do this stuff alone anymore. The bummer of course is that it's just a "vacation". He's not leaving Vegas... and I'm not staying in CA. What next?

Meanwhile, I sit here wondering how much more "relaxed" I'd be (e.g. less stressed, less fat, less freaked out) if I actually got real sleep every night? Quality sleep? Sleep without interuption from crying babies, barking dogs, restless elderly fathers, rats scurrying the halls, roofers banging away above, phones ringing, sweat inducing nightmares, discomfort in my own bed. Not to mention all the thoughts & worries running tireless circles around some beaten clay track in my brain for hours upon end when I should be SLEEPING.

Probably would do me a world of good.

Easier said than done though. G-d, please let me get some sleep in Portland.

The end. Again.

Sleep deprivation...


The end.