Saturday, February 6, 2010

Captcha This


Sorry to do it to y'all folks, but I've had to put captcha back on comments.

I didn't wanna do it. Goodness knows, I really hate when blog authors make leaving a comment more difficult than getting into Fort Knox. But it's been SO long since I've had a legitimate comment to approve, I needed to take some measure/s to decrease the gads of spam I keep getting.

Mostly, it's just too depressing when I bother to make a rare stop by my blog to find comments that need approval (yay!), only to realize they're just a bunch of crappy spam-bot junk-ola (boo!).

That is all. Carry on!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Interesting. I've got absolutely nothing to say. Not even sure if I'm going to abandon this blog altogether, but you should know that I'm thinking about it.

I think I've reached my threshold with regard to social media, blogs, FB, etc. Not that I don't still enjoy the technology, and even the very personal (and even awesome) interactions on occasion. I just don't really have anything to say right now, at least not that I think is of any value to YOU out there in cyberland. And I haven't, obviously, for some time.

Mostly, I don't feel like sharing personal stuff anymore. You know, the stuff we all used to write down in our journals, or take to a shrink, or gab incessantly with a partner or close friend about.

There is a line being crossed out there in the world of social media. 20 year olds may have nothing to hide, or at least they THINK they don't (I strongly suspect they'll come to regret about 99.9% of the crap they shared when they reach MY age).

And it's not so much that I have something to hide, b/c if you met me IRL, you'd know that I'm pretty open about most things, most of the time... to a fault.

I dunno. I just don't think the whole world wide web needs to know about all that stuff. There was a time when I did. When I was lured by the magic & sparkle of "publishing" my personal drama to the entire universe. But in doing so, I've hurt people. People I love. And frankly, I don't want to do that anymore. Not that I ever did, not really.

So... I don't know what this space will morph into. If anything. Maybe it'll just be a place where I post current pics of Dexy, or our adventures together. Or maybe I'll tell you more about the home business I've been putting together. Or the weight loss journey I've been on since last summer (admitting how I'm powerless over food and how my life had become REALLY unmanageable). Or maybe my time here is just done. Goodness knows, there are TONS of other bloggers out there who have amazing content to share. Maybe I'll just share their blog URL's with you instead.

We'll see.

But for today? I ain't got nothing.