Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Little Girl

... Well, dang. She's not so little anymore. I've spent the last several days thinking about my baby, laying in her crib with her fat corndog legs and lovely toothless grins. How did THREE years go by so darn fast? Really, I wanna know.

Upside Down

Anyway, the last minute birthday party ended up being awesome! She had about 8 friends aged 4-8 to play with, her daddy (from NV), my buddy Christine (from CA) and several of my Seattle friends & neighbors came over to celebrate w/ us too. It wasn't fancy. It wasn't too stressful (ok, maybe a little bit - at least the gathering of decorations, booze, balloons, etc.). And I'm pretty sure I had at least as much fun as Dexy did. All in all, not too shabby for a first gathering in our new house!

Speaking of our new house... YES, we've moved in. More on that later. Right now though, it's all about my sweet faced, not so little anymore, turtle baby.

I love you Big Girl!

Here comes the cake

Blow out the candles

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Can Haz Now Pleeze?

Fiberglass chair w/ swivel base

Please deliver two or three of the ABOVE chairs to my Seattle house tout de suite - to be placed neatly in a colorful row under my kitchen island countertop (see pic BELOW).

That is all. Kthxbai.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soon to be Birthday Girl

Party favours are fun!

Someone has a birthday coming up...

Last year I didn't have a party for her b/c my elderly father was ailing, there was zero other immediate family around who would bother making a showing, I'd broken things off with her daddy just a few months before and frankly, I didn't feel like dealing with any party planning drama.

Instead, some friends came over to the house. We all had some yummy cake that Dex's dad made. We opened two or three presents, b/c really she doesn't need any more stuff, and that was that. No muss, no fuss. Hooray!

This year though? She's way more aware of the whole b-day thing, having attended several in the past year. She also knows & sings the "birthday song" almost daily, not to mention telling anyone who will listen that she's going to be "thwee in June". Guess I can't really skip having a party now can I?

Truth is, I wish I could. We've only been in Seattle for 2 months, with few friends (hers or mine) to attend and we're also moving into our still very messy (& still very under construction) house exactly one week before Dexy's Big Day. Did I mention I'll have house guests in town that weekend too? Yes, I'm a crazy person.

I was thinking cupcakes in Lincoln Park sounds kinda good. With festive party hats, juice boxes & a few gifts. Since she'll be happy just to be in a playground, I don't think she'll notice a lack of 600+ party guests, schoolmates, clowns, a marching band, catered food, pony rides & a mountain of presents. Mostly, I just want to know that she won't be scarred for life if cupcakes in the park is all I can muster this year.

Monday, June 1, 2009