Monday, March 1, 2010


Damn. It's official. As of today, I'm no longer the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. Waaaaaa.

Oh my. This (see below, D-E-V-O) takes me back.

So what am I wishing for? Hmmmm... For the first time in a long time, I resolved to have a GOOD birthday (dammit Janet). Even if it had to be of my own making (which it most assuredly was). 

It started on Thursday with coffee at the Bird, then a bus ride from West Seattle to Pioneer Square for the Underground Tour, then lunch at Taste, as well as purchasing a lovely set of blue "milk glass" at Watson Kennedy on 1st Ave.; basically a long leisurely walk around downtown kind of day w/ a childhood friend who is teh awesome. And no interuptions from super chatty (almost) 4 year olds. LOL. 

Friday I had house-guests arrive from CA & I enjoyed their company through Saturday afternoon (another trek downtown, this time to Pike Place Market. Got them off to SeaTac & made it back to the house JUST IN TIME to clean up for a last minute 5pm party I decided to throw for myself. About 35 people (including their kids) showed up. Despite my neurosis and worrying about mud and/or spilled liquor drinks, it was, you guessed it, totally teh awesome!

Yesterday I recovered, cleaned house, watched movies, took Dexy to a 4 yr old bday party for one of her classmates. The sun came out. Laundry got washed. It was a good day, albeit it a lazy-ish one.

Today has been even more low key. Dexy went off to Spanish school early this morning. I have her favorite sitter coming this evening so I can get out of the house during nighttime hours. At this particular moment, I'm craving some oysters (om nom nom). But sushi would do in a pinch. With a nice Kettle Cosmo. Or three. Interesting conversation. Laughter. Company. Hugs.

I think that about covers it.

Here's to 43!