Monday, August 24, 2009

Chirp. Chirp.

Just so you know, I come up with the most brilliant stuff for my blog in the middle of the night when my insomnia is in full gear, usually right around 2:30am or so. My vocabulary is rockin' the mic like some obscurely intricate jazz mixed up with a little of the Hippity Hop. The topics are pertinent, funny, poignant, and/or controversial. They generate gads of comments. There's even a regular troll or two b/c I consistently rile 'em up with my stellar wee hours musings.

It's really too bad I'm never on (or near) my computer when I am having these creative bursts of brilliance. Because you know, they're all just in my head, and there's a sleeping toddler at my side, and G-d forbid I should wake her up by daring to get out of bed so I can write this sh*t down. And of course by morning, in true Mommy Brain fashion, *poof* they're gone.

I'm no Alaina, Jen, Maggie or Leah that's for damn sure... but that's okay, b/c thankfully they are. And I get to read them, and so many other great bloggers every single day. Which is why I'm rarely here. Well, that & let's just be honest shall we? I'm usually wasting tons of prime writing time fiddling about on Twitter or Facebook. If I could just muster up the courage to ditch at least one of those two time sucks from my daily life, I likely be here more often.

Maybe I'd even have something to say. Or at least some better photographs to share.

Or not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Before & After

Well, not quite "after" since obviously we're still working on the landscaping, etc. But for those who are wondering how the house is coming along, I give you exhibit A & B (or is it B & A?) ... and a little something in the middle just for fun.

Oct 2008

BEFORE - this is from the first time I ever saw the house in person (last October).

Construction has begun

DURING - note original roof & windows still on, porch & landscaping gone.

Aug 2009

CURRENT - progression to date. Still quite a bit to do, but at least it looks like a house again.

All things considered, it's not even been a year since we bought the house, and really only 5 months or so of serious demo & remodeling going on, I'd say we've made tremendous progress. I'm hopeful that by the time our one year anniversary rolls around, it'll be 100% complete - inside and out.

That's all for now. Wasn't that a hoot?