Thursday, June 28, 2007

Victory for Adoptees in Maine






Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization congratulates Maine on becoming the fourth state since 1998 to restore the right of original birth certificate access to adult adoptees. Following in the footsteps of Oregon, Alabama, and New Hampshire (Kansas and Alaska never sealed records) Maine's activist organization OBC for ME has shown that through focus, perseverance, and a refusal to compromise the rights of all for the privilege of a few, that a clean unconditional access bill can be passed. Overwhelmingly passed,

Despite naysayers, on June 18, near the close of the legislative session, the Maine House overrode and over ran the HB's 1084 "Do Not Pass" recommendation from the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary, 104-39. The next day, the Senate followed, passing, the bill 20-15. On June 20, the bill returned to both houses and passed "by the hammer" with no amendments. Bim! Bam! Boom!

Bastard Nation was highly critical of the 2006 records access campaign which began with a clean bill and finished threatened with compromises that made it unrecognizable. This time, OBC for ME (love the name!) ran a mostly under-the-radar operation. Activists emphasized the "localiness" of adoptee rights and the state's responsibility to its adopted people.

HB 1084 had an extremely strong sponsor, Rep. David Farrington, and the quiet personal lobbying of adoptee Sen. Paula Benoit to shepherd it through with non-partisian support. Benoit's dignified presentation for records access is credited by friends and foes of access with keeping the debate from the bitterness and acrimony that marked last year's circus.

Rep. Farrington's June 18 statement on the House floor ranks him as one of BN's heroes, though we were not involved in the bill. You can listen to Rep. Farrington and Sen. Benoit and other supporting speakers, along with a bit of anti-adoptee gas baggery (especially from the House side) at

Governor John Baldacci signed the bill on Monday, June, 25, 2007. It will take effect on January 1, 2009 and gives anyone adopted in Maine 18 and older, upon request, the right to their original birth certificate.

Bastard Nation salutes the come-backs kids of Maine! And we thank those legislators who agreed to undo the wrong done to Maine's adoptees in 1953 when their records were sealed from them. Other states take note: You can win without compromising your principles and the rights adopted persons. Maine rocks!

Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trivial crap I'm sick of hearing about!

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears & every other "Bippy Twat" celebrity that is famous for being famous.

** Attention News Channels - Reporting about these loser self-indulgent bitches is NOT news. It's inane gossip. **

You want to report the real NEWS?

How about telling America about what those overpaid f**ks on Capitol Hill are really doing w/ our tax dollars?

Or maybe a real assessment of how President Bush & his Administration has seriously F**KED the United States by going into Iraq & made us even more vulnerable to Terrorists attacks than we were pre-9/11?

Or how Jimmy Carter is a complete & total moron who has clearly lost his damn mind by siding w/ the nut job Arabs in Palestine over the Israeli's? Yes, you heard me. NUT JOBS, the lot of them. Until the "Moderate Muslims" I keep hearing about actually speak up against Jihadists, I am NOT going to believe that "most Muslims are decent people". Just ain't. B/c it's clearly not true. So speak up, speak out, or shut up & wait for Israel (and hopefully the rest of the world) to blow you asses up til you are Dead, Dead, Dead.

How about reporting on the Auto and Oil industries refusal to produce affordable technology that will break our dependence on oil (foreign or otherwise) once and for all? Or the fact that Congress continues to take their money (i.e. bribes) instead of insisting that they do something about all those gas guzzling Hummers they make?

Maybe a report or two about all the idiots that are putting their hats into the presidential race ring for '08. Not a single one of them is worth their weight in gold, or copper, or silver, or shite. We need a real CHOICE here people, but until National Politics is about more than money (and the need to have butt loads of it to even run for office), we will continue to be stuck w/ self-indulgent, pampered shit heads that haven't a bloody clue about what life is like for real Americans.

Oh... lawd. I'm in a mood today.

But seriously. I can't stand the "news". CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, they all suck. They seem to think we want to know about missing pregnant ladies, murdered babies, scumbag police officers, child molesters, car accidents, and vapid celebrities.

Is this what we want? Is this how we want to raise our children? Tune in? Forget about it, I'm tuning OUT.


Monday, June 4, 2007

New favorite thing!

Debe introduced me to something REALLY good over the weekend... It sounds weird, but TRY it and I'll bet you love it as much as me!

Onion bagel
Whipped cream cheese
Beefsteak tomato
Lemon pepper

Get the freshest deli-style onion bagel you can find. Cut it in half and toast to your preferred lightness/darkness. Spread a hearty layer of cream cheese on each half, then place a tomato slice on top of the cream cheese. Cover w/ generous sprinkling of lemon pepper. Eat. Repeat.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Down isn't up...

Feelin' down I'm feeling really isolated tonight. Seems I always say or do the wrong thing & end up offending someone. Makes me want to just quit, everything. My job, my friends, my life, myspace.

Yes, I'm taking some things personally (Rule #1: never take things personally), but damn it, I feel really f**king "unwanted, unloved and alone" in this old house that's falling apart from years of neglect, with two dying dogs, my stuff still strewn about in boxes b/c I can't find the energy or free time to unpack them, and my 82-year old dry drunk of a father who is truly one of the meanest people I've ever known.

I miss my BF. I miss the stillness his presence brings. I laugh/smile more when he's here. I feel I've lost my "sparkle" when he isn't. I sleep better when he's next to me, which is saying a lot, b/c I don't sleep.

I'm going to go in the other room & watch my baby for a while. Her little face and soft sleep sighs always make me feel better.

G'night. I'm sure this too shall pass.

P.S. The Sopranos episode tonight was seriously messed up. I can't believe there is only one episode left.

Friday, June 1, 2007

While you all still slumber...

Fun & Games
Barenaked Ladies

We sent in the Army
They sounded alarms
We saw it coming from a mile away

We kept it off radar
'Cause we had to say our intentions were to save the day
Why did you fail to see?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
They were shocked and awed and they were blown in half

Fun and Games
We were just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun would be a powder keg

We kept it all long range
And made a regime change
You'd have thought it would have been a gas
And when it got ugly
We sat around smugly
Because you bought our little joke en masse

Don't look at me that way
It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
We knew your sons and daughters would be blown in half

Fun and Games
We were just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun would be a powder keg

Put a smile on
We're the ones that you selected
Leave that dial, son
Beacause we just go re-elected

In a while our bill of rights will be rejected
And all the blame will be deflected
The forests will be unprotected
The Nation's poor will be neglected
Creation myth is resurrected
The new salute is genuflected
The Gallup poll will be respected
A gallows pole will be erected
And all this will go undetected

While you all slumbered
We sat and crunched numbers
Of all the casualties we could afford
There's no need to draft them
You could hear us laugh then
The poor and black all need their room and board
Did I say that out loud?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
And now our very nation has been blown in half

Fun and Games
We were just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun would be a powder keg
Oh yeah.