Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trivial crap I'm sick of hearing about!

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears & every other "Bippy Twat" celebrity that is famous for being famous.

** Attention News Channels - Reporting about these loser self-indulgent bitches is NOT news. It's inane gossip. **

You want to report the real NEWS?

How about telling America about what those overpaid f**ks on Capitol Hill are really doing w/ our tax dollars?

Or maybe a real assessment of how President Bush & his Administration has seriously F**KED the United States by going into Iraq & made us even more vulnerable to Terrorists attacks than we were pre-9/11?

Or how Jimmy Carter is a complete & total moron who has clearly lost his damn mind by siding w/ the nut job Arabs in Palestine over the Israeli's? Yes, you heard me. NUT JOBS, the lot of them. Until the "Moderate Muslims" I keep hearing about actually speak up against Jihadists, I am NOT going to believe that "most Muslims are decent people". Just ain't. B/c it's clearly not true. So speak up, speak out, or shut up & wait for Israel (and hopefully the rest of the world) to blow you asses up til you are Dead, Dead, Dead.

How about reporting on the Auto and Oil industries refusal to produce affordable technology that will break our dependence on oil (foreign or otherwise) once and for all? Or the fact that Congress continues to take their money (i.e. bribes) instead of insisting that they do something about all those gas guzzling Hummers they make?

Maybe a report or two about all the idiots that are putting their hats into the presidential race ring for '08. Not a single one of them is worth their weight in gold, or copper, or silver, or shite. We need a real CHOICE here people, but until National Politics is about more than money (and the need to have butt loads of it to even run for office), we will continue to be stuck w/ self-indulgent, pampered shit heads that haven't a bloody clue about what life is like for real Americans.

Oh... lawd. I'm in a mood today.

But seriously. I can't stand the "news". CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, they all suck. They seem to think we want to know about missing pregnant ladies, murdered babies, scumbag police officers, child molesters, car accidents, and vapid celebrities.

Is this what we want? Is this how we want to raise our children? Tune in? Forget about it, I'm tuning OUT.


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