Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work Has Begun

I'm SO excited! My contractor's wife sent me pictures of my house in Seattle today... besides all the SNOW on my house, the best thing to see was that work has begun (there are two huge construction containers in front of the house). I know they've been demo-ing the interior walls, and hopefully by my next visit the addition will be framed. Or at least the foundation will be poured. I'll be posting some of the pics she sent tomorrow. I am really looking forward to my trip in mid January b/c I'll get to SEE the work w/ my own eyes, pick out windows, doors, cabinets, etc. Besides, it'll just be good to be back in Seattle. Something about seatown just makes my heart sing. Yes, I'm just kinda crazy like that. *snort*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace on Earth... Can it Be?

This is one of my most favorite holiday songs, sung by one of my favorite Rock G-ds and one of my parents favorite crooners. It seemed a nice sentiment for this Christmas Eve, especially since I've been thinking a lot lately about the impending END of Not-A-President Bush's 8 Year Reign of Stupid. I almost can't believe it's nearly over. That in less than a month, he & his minion will finally be gone. For me, that's something to celebrate!

I know the economy looks like crap. I know it's probably going to get worse before it gets better. But I feel a sense of hope tonight. A sense that a transition of grand & wonderful proportions is just around the corner.

Can it be? Indeed, I think it can.

Monday, December 22, 2008

With the Jingle Bells & The Toys...

I should be lighting the candles this week... but wouldn't ya know it? I can't find my menorah. I'm sure it's packed away in one of my many boxes o'stuff stacked in the garage, but for the life of me I can't find the energy to go dig it out. However, my lack of energy & organizational skills are another story for another day.

So, to get me (and all y'all) in the mood for The Festival of Lights, here's a song by one of my favorite bands, the Barenaked Ladies. Forgive the "video", it's all I could find on YouTube.

Happy Hanukkah!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Turtle 2.5

Today my Little Turtle is 2.5 yrs old...

Hey Mom, I'm nappin' here!

But of course, I'm thinking of the day she was born...


And the week she spent in the NICU...

Newborn Dex

But then, I finally got to bring her home. And she thrived...

Baby Birdie

Lawdy, how she thrived...

Upside Down

And all I can tell you is, that no matter how lousy I'm feeling on any given day (which happens more often than I care to admit), this little kids' smile pretty much makes it all okay in a flash...


Everyone told me it would go fast, but you really don't know HOW fast until you're in it. And yeah, I know we moms say it's the hardest job we'll ever love ... but really? It's so totally true.

Dex & Me in W. Seattle - Nov 2008

So happy 2.5 little one. I love you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dexy Dress Up

Dress Up

Auntie Stephanie brought this back from South Korea. It's called a chima jeogori ... or Hanbok. Doesn't she look sweet?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Christmas in California

This is a very powerful video (see below) with a wonderful message. Regardless of your religious beliefs, affiliations, or lack thereof, it is also quite universal. What is Christmas (or "The Holidays" if you prefer) really about?

This will be the last Christmas I'll ever spend in my parents home, the home I grew up in & that we celebrated myriad holidays in, in one form or another, for over 40 years! How many of us have been blessed w/ a place to call home for four decades? A place that no matter where we went, or for how long, we knew it would always be there waiting for us when we came back home? Maybe that's not so important to some, but it has always meant the world to me!

I was blessed to have had that kind of childhood. I thank G-d that I had the kind of mother who felt it was important to provide a sense of place for her kids. All of the traditions, the rituals, the memories... She did that for us, for her family. And I want so much to do the same for my own daughter, b/c let's face it, if I don't... who will?

Do I want this last Christmas in CA to be a little extra special? Do I want to dig down deep & give from my heart (instead of just my wallet)? Yes! Most of all, I want our last Christmas here to honor the lifetime of memories in this house... and I want it to mark the beginning of our new life in Seattle as well. So, I get to create a host of beautiful new traditions and memories, and build them upon the ones my mother created for me, starting right now.

What is YOUR Christmas wish?

Monday, December 1, 2008


This morning, my Life Coach & I made a list of TWENTY (20) activities I really enjoy doing. I have promised to do at least two of these activities each week - as a gift to myself. I also promised that I'd walk 2 days a week too. She didn't say how far I had to walk, or for how long, just that I should put on my Nike's and GO.

I can not say w/ the same level of confidence that I'll consider this damn walking business a gift to myself, though of course it absolutely is, but I'm going to do it anyway. Fake it til you make it right?

Anyway, I digress. The point is... I have made many changes in the past year or so. Some were prompted by my parents deaths, having my daughter, selling my home, buying another home, etc. and some by less "meaningful" things, like just needing to do something different (as what I've been doing the past 20+ years just really ain't working for me anymore).

My motto:

"If you want a different life, tell different story!"

This has particularly come to mean the following -- Learning how to assert myself better, to ask for what I want, that "No" is a complete sentence (and then actually putting that concept into practice), to stop & check my true motives before I speak (or act, or comment) on someone else's behavior, and most of all to find some joy/laughter in my life again (and yes, my daughter DOES bring me a lot of joy people!).

Dex's daddy made an observation this past holiday weekend that I was complaining a lot.... The worst part is that he was right! So, I give him big fat kudos for calling me on it. Frankly, I want authentic & loving people in my life. The kind who will call me on my BS. People whose energy & purpose is in alignment with mine. Not liars, users &/or greedy energy sucking vampires. This means putting the laws of attraction into practice. If I want quality people around me, I need to be a quality person. Duh!

Since I don't want to be Complaining Girl (b/c really, what do I have to complain about?), I'm gonna chalk that comment of his up to being an informative, teachable moment. I'm also going to let go of the shame & self-loathing I felt in reaction to it and just move the f*ck on.

So. Without further adieu. Here's my list. Enjoy! And if you feel like sharing in the comments, what are some of the things that would be on YOUR list?

My Happy Activities:

1) Reading
2) Movies
3) Music
4) Art
5) Birding (aka bird watching)
6) Hiking/Nature
7) Dancing
8) Animals
9) Gardening
10) Teh Interwebs (aka the internet)
11) Cooking
12) Yoga
13) Food/Wine - e.g. sharing a leisurely, wonderful meal w/ the people I love most
14) Photography
15) Lectures, Book & Poetry Readings
16) Inspired conversations (w/ rabbis, writers, professors, artists, musicians, etc.)
17) Architecture
18) Writing
19) Sleep/Meditation
20) Travel