Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Set The Cake on Fire

It's almost that time again. I say, just go ahead and stick the whole stinkin' box of candles into the cake & light that sucker on fire. We can roast marshmallows. It'll be a hoot.

Now then, where did I put my liquor drink? It was just here a minute ago. Hmmmmm...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Am the iSuck

Yeah, I suck... I've been too busy, distracted, tired, whatever, to blog lately. And if I were you, I wouldn't follow me anymore either.

Oh wait. I only had 2 followers.

Never mind.

P.S. I really DO want to write. I think about it all the time. In fact, I write some really brilliant sh*t at 3am. You wouldn't BELIEVE how brilliant it is. With big words, smart observations, witty banter and everything. I'm just too tired to get up & put it down on virtual paper. Le sigh.

See ya on the flip side. Soon, soon. No really, I swear! Soon.

Meanwhile, in other news... Steven Page has left Barenaked Ladies. My heart is broke.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Sisters

Thanks mucho to my big sister for calling me at the exact moment I needed her most. And for being honest (yet gentle) with me. I love you!

25 Things - A Meme in C Major (or is it minor?)

I haven't been writing on my blog much lately & since I already posted this on Facebook - it seemed easy-peasy to just post it here too.

I'm supposed to tag 25 other peeps (bloggers, tweeps, friends, family) so they can pass this on too, but eh. I don't feel like it. B/c lately I'm all about doing everything 1/2 assedly. So there.


1. I'm afraid of heights - particularly bridges.

2. Like @darkgrace I don't mind DOING laundry, I don't even mind folding it most days, but I absolutely HATE putting it away.

3. I've only broken "strange" bones (several toes, a finger, and my nose)

4. I had my daughter at age 39, same age my mother was when she adopted me.

5. I really dislike wearing shoes.

6. I don't particularly like clothes either.

7. I am a sucker for fruit based deserts.

8. I used to play the flute & still own one.

9. I <3 sitting in a cafe by myself, with a good book, just people watching.

10. I love the smell of rain in the desert.

11. I love cool weather climates like Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, SF, etc.

12. I also love the desert Southwest (Austin, Tucson, Santa Fe, etc.), but only in the cooler months like December - March b/c I really HATE being hot.

13. I believe there are NO coincidences in this life.

14. I'm a Glass Half Full kind of girl, but I haven't always been so.

15. I find dogs more lovable than people, most of the time.

16. Sex is AWESOME, even at my "advanced" age.

17. Sex while pregnant was even better!

18. I want to be married (but only ONCE - or not at all).

19. I am a total Bird Nerd.

20. I believe in monogamy, but I also think it's an unnatural state of being for humans (just like most animals). We have to CHOOSE to remain in that state, sometimes daily.

21. I believe in G-d with every fiber of my being - but I am NOT a Christian.

22. I am TOTALLY a morning person.

23. I wish I could have had another baby or two, but would never consider having more at my age (I'd have started MUCH earlier though).

24. I can spend hours upon hours reading a book in bed.

25. I am the OLDEST child of two kids for my adoptive parents and the YOUNGEST of four kids for my biological mother.