Monday, April 2, 2007

I Love Lesbians!

Some of my dearest friends are gay women. Most of my childhood friends have long thought I am gay b/c I am always showing up at their parties w/ my gay (or other single) female friends. Whatever. I don't care what they think. Lesbians are AWESOME!

Thank G-d for them. Seriously. I love everything about them; their hearts, their sense of humor, their girlfriends (Butch, lipstick, femme, it's all good), their sense of style (or lack thereof - LOL), their love of animals, how comfortable most of them seem to be in their skin, how quickly they fall in love & COMMIT to each other (kinda scary too)... all of it.

Speaking of lesbians. I was in Belmont Shore yesterday w/ my birthmom & her long time friend (they are not lesbians, bear with me here). I was walking along noting all the openly gay couples on the street. Yet another reason to LOVE Long Beach. There was this way hot lesbian couple having lunch at a sidewalk cafe w/ their equally beautiful Visla dog. I stopped to talk to them b/c of their dog. I felt instantly at ease w/ them. See what I mean? They're just cool man.

Second thing to note for today that is heavily on my mind (in a good way):

It's opening day for Major League Baseball!!

'Nuff said.

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Me too!