Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Customer Service

I took this "definition" from another blog called "Begging to Differ, which has apparently gone away (too bad, it was a cool blog). Anyway, it's SO true! I wish I'd written this... Enjoy.

Customer service (noun)
[kuhs-tuh-mer sur-vis]

1. Providing the minimal amount of interaction or aid required to keep a working relationship with a customer. This is usually carried out by underpaid employees that are only permitted to read from pre-written scripts; often follows 15 minutes of dealing with computer recorded menus and 30 minutes of being placed on hold. Customer service usually follows billing mistakes in the form of extra charges and/or service outages and is sometimes treated as a luxury, coming with a monetary charge to the user

2. User populated bulletin boards where other customers that have had similar problems help correct product issues.

3. (outdated, circa 1990) An act of helpful activity towards an individual with whom you have a business relationship to aid in solving an issue with their account or service. The customer is always right…

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