Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Into The Mystic

So things got pushed back a little... but that's okay. My stuff will now be all packed up on Friday and moved over to dads between Friday & Saturday afternoon. Woot. One way or the other, I gotta go... just thought I'd be done by now.

I had the BEST time w/ my Girls on Saturday at my yard sale (Marnie, Jess, Marlena, Christine, Debe & Dexy). We sat on a blanket in the sun, ate sandwiches and laughed at all the retarded and CHEAP - assed people who came to look my stuff over.

Sunday was a smaller version repeat episode when some of the same gals came over to watch "The L Word" and we ate New York style pizza & salads on the floor of my living room. Damn, I sure do LOVE you guys (err, I mean gals)!

Then I got slammed w/ the stomach flu or food poisoning on Sunday and Monday. Still trying to recover from that. Missed a day at work Monday which is too bad b/c if I'd felt better I could have gotten a bunch of moving related stuff done, but instead I lay in bed feeling like death warmed over.

One good thing though, I read an entire book in 3 hours -- a luxury I've not had since I was pregnant w/ Dex. Gosh, I really miss being able to finish a book in one sitting. I miss doing it in a café in San Francisco even more. I'm just saying.

I just guess I'm feeling a little stressed and the reality of my house not being mine anymore is starting to hit me finally… actually, it really hit me when I drove up after work this evening. I thought, "This isn't my driveway anymore." Dumb right?

Okay that's really all I've got to say. It's so lovely having sunlight this late in the evening. Makes me feel motivated to take a walk or something "useful".


C ~

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