Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Good Contagious

I got this quote from Marnie today (see below) & I really loved it!! Wanted to share...

Btw, my dad is TOTALLY one of the "Grumpy People" & I need to stop giving him (or his grumpiness) any more power. It's not gonna be easy, but I have to make a DAILY concerted effort to access my highest human qualities and fill up w/ that goodness instead of with the anger & resentment he wants to infect me with. Yuck. Get it off me!


Be Contagious with Good

There is a statement of Emma Curtis Hopkins that always intrigued and inspired me. Paraphrasing, it says, "Be contagious with Spirit." We know of plenty of people who get their bad moods all over people. Some share generously of their pessimism. How about us sharing our joy, love and hope for a better future?

This week, access the place within yourself where the Highest of human qualities reside. Fill up with those qualities (you'll be tapping the Mystical Wellspring of Spirit) and then let that Spirit spill out of you onto others. After all, why should grumpy people have all the power?

Keep on Smiling!

Rev. Kathianne Lewis

Center for Spiritual Living - Spiritual Practice

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