Monday, May 14, 2007

Stop "Organic" Factory Farming

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I came across this interesting info and thought you might be interested too. It's from the Organic Consumers Association (I'm a big proponent of organic and locally grown foods, but had NO idea that many of the "organic" brands I buy are in fact NOT organic):


Two of the largest organic dairy companies in the nation, Horizon Organic (a subsidiary of Dean Foods), a supplier to Wal-Mart and many health food stores; and Aurora Organic, a supplier of private brand name organic milk to Costco, Safeway, Giant, Wild Oats and others. Together, these corporations control 65% of the organic dairy market, but they are purchasing the majority of their milk from feedlot dairies where the cows have little or no access to pasture.

Here's how this can be stopped: The USDA has posted revisions to the National Organic Program and is seeking public comment until June 12, 2006. The revisions can be viewed here. A portion of the revisions relates to the issue of dairy produced on factory farms being misleadingly labeled as "organic."

Take action and send a letter to the USDA here:


For more info on Organic foods, corporate/government responsibility & factory farming in America, etc. see the OCA home page at:


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