Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alzheimer's SUCKS

Alzheimer's Bracelet - Anonymous

On my wrist I wear a bracelet
To help me think, pray and cope
Of the day I lost my mother
With Alzheimer's there's no hope
She was stripped of all her memory
Of a family she loved so
All her friends and loved ones
Didn't want to see her go
God had a special reason
To end her suffering and her pain
Heaven's gates flew wide open
Such an angel did He gain
Some of her many loved ones
Waited there with opened arms
She now has back her memory
And all her loving charms
Someday I will be thankful
For a cure from this disease
Until then, for Mama I will wear this bracelet
To put my mind at ease.


My mom passed away on Tuesday July 24 2007, after an 11+ year battle w/ Alzheimer's Disease. She would have been 78 in August. I can't believe it's already been a week since she left this earth.

Mom, I miss you more than I can express.

Love forever,

Your Daughter

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