Friday, January 25, 2008

Tornado warning. In Long Beach?

Couldn't sleep last night after my BF arrived from his long trek through the Mohave desert. Partly b/c he was stacking some very loud zzzzzz's beside me, partly b/c Declan was restless & I could hear her whimpering on the baby monitor, and partly b/c I never just lay down in bed, turn out the lights, close my eyes & boom, sleep time. I require some in between time first. Ya know? TV, internet, a book. SOMETHING to help me transition my body and my very busy brain into a less insane state.

So I decide to check the internet on my phone (yes, I have one of THOSE phones) and there in plain site on my main page was a Tornado Warning from the Weather Channel --- "Hmmmm", I thought, "I wonder where that's for?" and clicked on it.

Long Beach. San Pedro. Torrance. Pac Palisades. Etc.

No shite?!

I've seen some crazy assed weather in my life. I have even seen tornadoes, albeit small ones. But never, not ever in Southern CA. Certainly not along the coast. We have water spouts. Not freakin' tornadoes.

I have no idea if a twister ever materialized during the 2 or so hours that the warning was in effect, kinda doubt it actually since we'd have read about it in the local fish wrapper, but I have to admit it was kind of thrilling to think about the possibility of it. Scary too. Like, hey man. We don't have basements here. Where the heck do you HIDE when you don't have a basement?

We survived the weird weather without incident. I slept most of the night away in a chair in Declan's room b/c she just wouldn't sleep on her own. I'm wiped out. But then, when do I ever really sleep anyway?

For those of you whom I texted late in the evening, sorry if I seemed caught up in the weather drama. But hey, despite experiencing many an earthquake, this CA Girl was completely left stunned by the idea that we could have a little Kansas in our beach burgh.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh, one last thing. I saw "The Bucket List" today. Not as bad as the critics would have you believe, but not good either. What can I say, Hollywood so rarely impresses me. Most of what they produce is crap. Too bad two such good actors have been reduced to this kind of vehicle, but it would make a good rental nonetheless. If you like the pat, pull at your heart strings kind of stuff. Which I often do. LOL. Anyway, there were some Hallmark weepy moments. How embarrassing! Especially in front of the BF. Oh wait, he's seen me cry before.


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