Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Presidential Speeches


Am I the only one that thinks this joker is an ASS?

I'd like to include his Administration, as well as the entire Congress and Senate. Let's just spend more money to artificially inflate the sagging economy, let's put our country deeper in debt, let's give each American a few hundred quid (whether they need it or not) so they can go SHOPPING.

Yeah, that oughta fix things.

Christ on a stick. We need a revolution up in here.

No more Clinton's. No more Bushes. No black dudes who change their accents and their 'tude depending on the color ratio of their audience. No more drunk political "legacies" endorsing said black dudes. No more rich white turkeys who think they know how to make our country great again just b/c they ran a Podunk state or served a few terms in Congress.

We need real change. We need fiscal responsibility. NO MORE SPENDING until we are OUT of DEBT! We need to throw all those rat bastards on Capitol Hill spending our tax dollars right out on their collective asses. They are all useless as far as I'm concerned.

And while we're at it, can we do the same for the CA Assembly?


What a crock.

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Anonymous said...

The comment thing is broken I think. Or maybe it's me. I'm glad you're posting again.