Saturday, February 9, 2008

MySpace is the Devil.

What is it about that frackin' place that brings out the 12-year old retard in us?

Jay-sus! Get thee behind me Satan.

I'm sending out mass apologies to the universe, just in case the people they are intended for don't actually read their own MySpace email(s).

I'm an ass. I had no business having an opinion about where you are at in your life. I hope you can forgive me making such a public display of my opinion.

You're still my Rock Hero brother. That ain't gonna change... I just need to take ALL people off of pedestals (Rock Heroes and regular folks alike). They are far too lofty and unstable a place to ask someone to stand for long. Better you should have your feet on the ground, standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us. It's much easier to offer our adoration & appreciation if we can look you in the eye anyway.

So dude. I'm really sorry.

The end.

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