Thursday, March 13, 2008

More travel

Leaving for Seattle on Monday for a week. Just vacation this time. No agenda. No set plans.

Going back to Austin in early April for a month... going to get a feel for the city by renting a place in South Austin. Shop, eat, sleep, walk, look at houses, etc. It'll be much easier to find My House if I'm there.

And jetBlue will begin flying direct from Long Beach to Austin beginning May 1st which means I can get back and forth easier, which means I can visit dad more often. Also, beginning May 21 they will fly directly between Seattle and Long Beach too. Yay jetBlue!

Shower time. Jeremy is coming to visit today thru Saturday. We're all going to the LB Aquarium tomorrow. Should be fun, haven't been there in a long while and I think Declan will enjoy all the fishies.

The end.

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