Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seattle bye bye

Well, I'm back from my week long trip to Seattle.

Glad to be "home" in some ways, though I'm not looking forward to the task(s) ahead for getting my dad's house ready for rent or packing up my stuff in anticipation of moving out, etc.

Top 5 highlights of my latest trip north:

1) Dinner with my friends at Matador in West Seattle (oyster wrapped jalapeño peppers, goat cheese stuffed poblano chile's, pork carnitas enchilada entrée & four - yes FOUR - Cadillac margaritas). Was a tipsy, giggly, delicious evening out sans little kids. Yay me!

2) Seeing Rainer for the first time (not from a plane) - "The Mountain, she's out!"

3) Finding a great Artist Co-op on California Ave. and then finding two pairs of very rad, handmade earrings that I love, love, love.

4) The view from my friend Susan's West Seattle living room. Looking out to Puget Sound & the Olympics every morning, afternoon, evening was something to see. Sunsets in particular. It never looked the same twice but it was always spectacular. Their house was pretty cool too.

5) Realizing that even though I really love the Pac NW, I am no longer feeling a push to move there w/ Declan. And I'm totally okay with that.

It's time to go get Dexy from school. Will write more later.



Anonymous said...

I like this post. : )

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I like this post. : )