Sunday, March 30, 2008

Simple things (that make me smile)

New handbags - esp my new soft leather hobo bag by Fossil. It's pale turquoise. C'est chic!

Sunny crisp days (e.g. approx temp 57 degrees) with poofy clouds floating by lazily. Bonus points if every flower is in some varying stage of blooming. Makes said crisp air very fragrant. Nice.

My fancy new SIGG water bottle.
(okay, it was kind of spendy for a water bottle but I really like it)

My iPhone.

My daughter's smile.
(Her nose crinkles up, her eyes turn to half moons, and it just turns me to mush every time)

My daughter's laugh.
(Well duh)

My daughter looking me in the eye and saying, "Mama?" or "Hi."

Watching Dexy & her Daddy together.
(Could do that all day & never tire of it, not even a little)

Reading a good book.
(and not being interrupted while I do it)

Fuzzy cozy socks or slippers. I'm particularly fond of Smart Wool socks in fun funky colors.
(seek and ye shall find them at REI)

A luscious glass of red wine, good friends to chit chat with & a spectacular view to gaze upon.


That's all for today folks! Baby is awake, time to get back to Mommy Mode.

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