Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Please bear with me while I make some changes to the look & layout of my blog...

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Since you're already here, take a few minutes & go through the archive to read other posts I've written since starting this thing in 2006. Don't want to go back & read more of MY stuff? No worries! Check out the blog roll in the right sidebar... these are blogs I subscribe to via RSS on Google Reader. Or you can check out my Facebook page, Flickr page, Twitter profile, or perhaps look for me on MySpace (Eeek!).

Cheers and thanks again for being patient as I try to make this blog look a little more "professional"... or at least, a little less busy.

C ~


mamikaze said...

I like it! Take it easy :)

Anonymous said...


I like the new look - much cleaner and some nice new pictures. Very cool