Friday, December 8, 2006

Broke A** - That's me.

I haven't been this broke since I was in college. It's good to remember the "lean" times. Keeps me humble right? Of course right... the problem however is that unlike my college days, I actually have adult responsibilities that are rather crushing at times. You know, the usual back breaking stuff like a mortgage, child care costs, food, car maintenance, etc.

I did have a very promising interview w/a company in Cypress, which is about 12 minutes commute from my front door. Believe me when I tell you, in Los Angeles / Southern CA, things like that REALLY matter. So, the position I interviewed for would put me back in project management again - and that would not suck.

I am tired of doing Exec Assistant stuff. Have been for a long time. It's not what I went to college for, it's not what I did for nearly 10 years at the University of Arizona, and it's really not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Not that Exec Assistants are lame (they're not), it's just that I tend to excel in a position where I can do what needs to be done without having to ask permission and where I get to wear many "hats" and where I don't have someone breathing over my shoulder checking up on me every second of every damn day. LOL.

Anyway, bottom line is that I need a J-O-B. Yo. And I need one soon.

Meanwhile, I keep plugging away on and I have signed up w/ some temp agencies in the hopes that I can at least get some onesie-twosie stuff to have some money coming in between now and finding a permanent position. Wish me luck y'all... not much else to say but that.

Must go pick up my little Turtle from day care. Signing off for now.


C ~


Jacki Jo said...

I love this new endeavor of yours. I love you too.

Steve said...

So, did you get the job?

Jacki Jo said...

I love this new endeavor of yours. I love you too.