Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cingular can blow me


Fewest dropped calls?! That's a freakin' hoot. Me thinks they have neglected to test out that claim here in the LA/OC area because it seems like EVERY call is a dropped call for me lately.

I think I'll chuck my phone out the window w/ the computer. It all sucks. Stupid technology glitch bastards.

It's been one of those days. You know, the ones where you wake up & wish you'd never bothered. I'd really like to climb back into bed & start over please.

My dopey dog tracked mud into the house & also all over Dex w/ her muddy face & tongue. If I thought the carpets, couch & kitchen floor were dirty before, well now they are certifiably disgusting. I wanted to give her the Gas Pipe or at least a good swift kick to the head (note to the PETA folks: I do NOT actually hit my animals, not ever!).

One of the sprinklers broke in the backyard which created a pond (hence Ms. Muddy Marley Paws). The holidays are coming & I ain't got any $ to make it all cozy sweet for my little family (I hate not keeping up w/ the Jones's). Someone who shall remain nameless can be a real arse at times - whatever happened to being supportive of each other no matter what? I'm missing my mum so much it actually makes my guts hurt. And, lastly my dad can be the meanest of the Blue Meanies ever!


Man, I so need a hug today.

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