Monday, December 18, 2006

How Can I Tell You?

But I can't think of right words to say ... and my words just blow away.

Note to Self:

I just cannot compete with 22 year olds... especially pretty blond ones.

I can't compete with Singles, Smug Marrieds, those without mortgages, and certainly not those sans kids. Can't compete with the hilariously funny either, the awesomely fit, the stupendously witty, or those folks who are easily amused in general. I can't compete against top shelf liquor drinks, loud music, hip night clubs, uber fancy clothes, fast cars, or partying into the wee hours. I can't even compete with the old me - the girl that used to have a good paying job, could afford the most perfect &/or thoughtful gifts, had a funky fashion sense that people actually admired and mos def I'm not the girl who could just up and "GO" whenever or wherever she wanted to.

It's impossible.
And it's depressing.



Anonymous said...

nor would I want you to.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to compete. you're beautiful inside and out. that's all that should really matter.