Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm not sleeping. Again.

Baby in bed. I was too, but then I decided I was restless. So here I am.

Earlier tonight I was at a friends house for BBQ No. 3 of the weekend (I'm such a social butterfly - HA). Anyway, this evening was at Tanya & Johnny's. Tanya is straight up Irish & I got all jerked up watching her w/ her sisters and mom. She is also one of the warmest gals I've ever known. Told me I need to come over more often, eat food, hang out, have adult conversation, let the kids play, leave Declan with them overnight if I was ever willing on occasion so I can get out & have some "me" time. What is that I wonder? Anyway, it sure was nice of her to offer. I may even take her up on it. Though I haven't any idea what I'd do w/ said "me" time.

Oh well, it's late & of course I'm missing my own mom. It's also a little chilly here (54 degrees) so I'm sitting at my computer with freezing feet & hands. Should crawl back into bed where it's warm. Should try and sleep, even though it generally eludes me most nights.

Mostly, I'm just really lonely. Full moon. No one to talk to. Except G-d.

Ho hum. Yawn. And goodnight.

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