Monday, April 28, 2008

Miley Cyrus is "embarrassed"

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the latest saga & drama revolving around a Teen Queen.

This time it's all about Miley Cyrus & the Vanity Fair photo spread that Annie Leibowitz shot.

She's 15 for crying out loud! Who signed off on that? What part of that did Vanity Fair or Annie Leibowitz think was okay? Or her parents for that matter? To photograph a 15 year old girl as if she is a sexual object? Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated... ALL of the magazines that sexualize children in any way, shame on them! And yes, I do think that shooting a 14 or 15 year old model in a sexually suggestive position or outfit is JUST as offensive.

Shame on her parents, or her "people", or Disney for signing the consent forms in the first place. Good gracious, it's horrifying.

Btw, no. I'm not a prude. I'm just a mom to a beautiful 2 year old little girl. And I cannot imagine ever being okay w/ someone wanting to turn her into some sort of object of desire. Nude underwear underneath the sheet or not.

Hello?! Miley is a frackin' MINOR.

Enough already. Someone has GOT to stand up and say NO to this shit.

Just sayin'.

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jb0301 said...

Hmmm, these pics were supposedly taken with a digital camera. Miley, her parents, and handlers all should have had the opportunity to see the pictures that very day. So, is she really embarassed? Or are folks scrambling to save face because the parents of her fans are up in arms? I am sure we will never the "truth" in this little snafu. I think this a young lady struggling with the normal issues of wanting to be more adult than her years (like most of were), but when you add the fact that she is probably the bread winner in the family and she is in the public eye...what a recipe for disaster!