Monday, April 14, 2008

Saying Goodbye

So I've been wanting to leave MySpace for a long time, but haven't done b/c there are TWO things about it that I still like; my friends & the music.

But today I realized that a) my friends are already in my life & if they really want to know what's going on with me, they can read my blog, send me an email, or *gasp* CALL me so we can hang out, like in real life! and b) I have many other resources available to help me find new & great music so why get bogged down w/ all the bullshit music that MySpace offers just to find those few rare gems? Na, I'd rather check out the daily offerings on Aquarium Drunkard & other cool music blogs, or just tune into my local indie stations like KCRW.

The rest of it is a total wash. Nothing but 12-year olds & poor writing skills, painfully slow load times for most pages, features and functions that go down daily (if not hourly), drama, etc. I'm just not interested in it anymore. Is it possible that at the grand old age of 41, I'm growing up?


Okay, probably not.

Anyway, I pretty much deleted all the content off my page today. By the end of the week I'm closing up shop there for good. Just wanted to give the few stragglers a chance to find me over here on Blogger. Though, even that seems a little silly in hindsight.

Meanwhile, the painters have been here for 3 days in a row now & the paint smell has really gotten to me (HEADACHE). Plus I woke up w/ a cold on Saturday, Dexy too, so I'm not feeling all that great. On top of that, I'm trying to figure out how to "get over" my broken heart. I'm certainly looking forward to my 3 week long adventure in Austin next month. My friend Susan & her Boys are coming down from Seattle next weekend, so that'll be good. It's Spring, the weather is lovely today, I am alive & I have good friends who love me. Really, things ain't that bad.

So, bye bye MySpace. It was nice knowing you these past 5 years. Good luck surviving the new trends in Social Networking w/ all that crappy code.

Cher ~


Anonymous said...

I am so flippin' excited for you!!!!! Life is better without MySpace.

shaunna said...

I'll be seeing you here at Blogger. At least I got to meet you on was good for that!

Smiling, Beguiling said...

Totally Shaunna! That's why it's hard to leave, I mean really I've met some great people there.