Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lazy Me!

I've been getting very lazy w/ my blog, posting videos & lyrics, or woe-is-me posts w/ complete abandon. But sometimes, that's the best I can do folks. You may not realize this, but blogging takes TIME and THOUGHT, or at least decent blogging does. Not that this blog comes close to even being decent. *snort*

Anyway, I do have a series of things I've been wanting to blog about. I've even been keeping a list on my iPhone (yes, I have an iPhone. Jealous much? Heh.) so when an idea strikes me I can actually REMEMBER it an hour later. I have a chronic case of Mommy Brain, what can I say? Stay tuned, I will be writing about them in the days/weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, you will just have to be placated w/ this little factoid... I'm feeling a little better & I'm taking the necessary steps to feel substantially more than "just a little" better.

The end. For now.


Ms. Single Mama said...

Yes, blogging - takes a lot of time. Just post when you can, but don't kill yourself, right? I love your posts ... really, if you ever want to write a guest blog entry for mine, let me know.

Smiling, Beguiling said...

You're sweet. I love to write, no, I NEED to write. So I'm not going to stop processing by written word anytime soon. Can't imagine what I'd write as a "guest" on someone else's blog, unless you usually suggest something? I'll chew on that one. ;-)

C ~

VDog said...

I'm right there with ya sistah!

VDog said...

I'm right there with ya sistah!