Sunday, June 22, 2008

R.I.P. George

Another of our greatest comedians of ALL time has passed away and far too soon IMO.

George Carlin died earlier this evening in LA of heart failure. He was 71. What the hell? I know he had a weak heart, dude had like 4 or 5 heart attacks over the last 30 years... but NOW? Damn, that just ain't fair. We need his biting humor, satire & quick wit now more than ever.

I can remember almost all of his bits from the 70's and 80's, that's how much he influenced comedy for MY generation. Carlin was the sh*t man. The whole "7 Words You Can Never Say on Television" and "A Place for My Stuff" routines? Or "How Much is that Dog Crap in the Window?" Hi-larious, cutting and f**king SMART as hell. Oh & don't forget "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"... A dumb movie, but Carlin was "Awesome!" as Rufus. Don't care what y'all say, that holds a special place in my black little 80's heart man. It just does.

So long George! You will be missed. :-(

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Swistle said...

Oh, sad! I loved him in Bill & Ted's! It was the first time I found an "older guy" cute!