Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh death...

I just found out that my friend Pete's little brother Vincent has died. He was 24. Are you freakin' kidding me?! He was a BABY! How does this happen? How does his family pick up the pieces? G-d, all I can think of is his mom... How do you get over that kind of loss? You NEVER want to outlive your child. No way, no how.

And what the hell, it seems like lately all the people I know & love are being touched by death in some way. It breaks my heart that they are going through this. And b/c of my own personal and recent experience of losing my mom, I know how much it sucks for them & will continue to suck. Not to mention all the stupid shit people will say to them about how their loved one is finally "at peace" or in a "better place" or "with G-d"... How the hell do they know that? And doesn't a comment like that ultimately diminish & discount the LIFE that person had? Who are we to say that it's better where they are now?

Personally, I think it was better when they were here with us. Living their life, whatever life it may have been, loving, laughing, crying, BREATHING and BEING.

Yeah, I believe in G-d. And yeah, I know in my bones that my mom is indeed finally at peace, healthy, with her memory fully restored, and yeah, I feel her presence with me & around me every single day. But damn, I so did NOT want to hear any of that when she first died. I'm sorry, but I didn't. And I know people are at a loss of what to say when someone dies & they see us hurting, so they want to make it better. But I'd rather they'd just said, "Wow. That sucks! Is there anything I can do?" b/c it would have been more helpful to me at the time.

So to my dearest friend Pete (and for Amy, Sheree, Margie, Tran, etc. too)... I love you. Let me know if there is there anything I can do. Right now, in this moment, I am sending love, hugs and healing light your way. By the truck load. Hold on to your family & friends with a fierce intent, they are the ones that will help you get through this. One minute, one hour, one day at a time.

Cheryl ~

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Amy said...

....from your friend Amy....who loves you so much....Thanks for the words on your blog about Death. Yep, it seems to be surrounding me, but I will say, that there are moments of peace and light starting to sneak into my cloudy doom-yness. (Did I mention I may get a tattoo of Schleprock? LOL, but I'm not kidding). I'm so sorry to hear about Pete's brother. How did he die?